To my Small Chairs

Hello, It is me Hannah your random chair as you clicked on this I hope you are one of my Small Chairs if your not don’t worry all that I can say is that I hope I could convince you. Thank you 🙂

Quick message, I love receiving comments and I will even encourage people/my small chairs to give me feedback if I do something wrong or if you just have something to say. Yes I do read all messages so please don’t put anything you would’t want everyone in the world to see because I can delete comments and I will If I need to. Thank you : )

This is a safe place where you can openly express any emotion but If you put anything disrespectful to others in the comments I WILL delete your comment and depending on how bad it is I MIGHT report your comment to spam so you can no longer comment. Thank you : ) 

Just a friendly reminder that I am new to making a website and that I’m sorry if for a while I might forget to publish something I am/was making that didn’t come out on time.Thank you : )